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Some of my fondest memories with John were spent sitting in the back of his big work van as a kid, surrounded by dirt, boots, and shovels, among other things. I sat on a makeshift red seat in the back. It was upholstered with the kind of fuzzy material that has a tooth and a direction, like one of those reusable, flippable lint removers. Little synthetic fibers that wanted to go in a certain direction but which felt nice to push back against your fingers. I associate the feeling of warm Sunday morning light with these memories. We would drive around London Ontario listening to CBC Radio. I remember listening to Sook-Yin Lee, The Vinyl Cafe, and The Debaters. It brings me joy to see what Sook-Yin is up to on social media on a regular basis. I remember that at one point, John was interviewed on CBC Radio for his archeology work. I have found articles for which he was interviewed online, but have yet to find this radio interview to listen to. One of my favourite examples of what I've found when searching him online is an article in which he is quoted speaking about how for an archaeologist, finding an outhouse is like finding a goldmine, because of all of the weird things that people would store in them. If you know how to find his radio interview, I would love for you to share with me.

Tonight I start cross stitching. I'm so tired today but I can't wait. The huge selection of colours that are going into this is making me happy. I think I'll use pencil crayon on the aida cloth to mark out where each colour goes, piece by piece. I don't have enough pencil crayons to mark each colour exactly, so I'll add the markings as I move along throughout the piece. I'm feeling excited to be actively connecting with him in this way. I've spent a lot of time with these thoughts and memories swirling around my subconscious, rarely meeting with them head on. I think I'll make a Molten Heart playlist tonight.


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