11pm Pancake Dinner

It's been a difficult night. The day was a good one. The past few days have been good ones. I've mostly been cooking, cleaning, and sharing food and movies with my roommates. There is a rectangular stain on the patio outside my room, left behind from cleaning the kitchen rug a few days ago. I finished that tent too, and have begun mending some of my clothing. I made a molten heart playlist some time ago which you can listen to here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5Nwv196zG6BeqqPfq8tpOs?si=m8kilblYTsmmXEELRQ0Szw. I don't think it's done, but this is what it is for now. I have done some stitching in the past few days, but not any that I feel I need to photograph. I feel afraid of letting this month go. It feels like the most present time to do emotional work and to remember. I'm doing well overall--lots of things are exciting right now. But tonight is heavy. Tonight my roommates made pancake dinner with mangoes, guava, and bananas. I went for a walk just as it was to be served, and when I returned, I burst into tears at the table. It was really good to confide in them. One of my roommates told stories of how he spent a great portion of his childhood climbing guava and mango trees. We shared our first hugs. I am so thankful for all of the love that I know, and intend to hold on tightly.


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